Detroit Tigers 5 Best Starting Pitchers

*Detroit Tigers Best Pitchers throughout history:

The Detroit Tigers 5 best starting pitchers include Mike Perfrey who was an American professional pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Perfrey signed on with the Tigers in December 2015. Perfrey was signed at a 2 year contract which would net him roughly 16 million dollars. Mike Perfrey was a talented player who was able to establish a 4-10 record. In addition, Perfrey also established an 5.07 Era in 119 innings pitched. Mike Perfrey is considered one of the best starting pitchers that had the opportinity to become an important player for the Detroit Tigers.

Denny Mc Lain was another great pitcher. Mc Lain played for the Detroit Tigers from 1963-1970. He was able to win a stunning 30 games within a single season. However, possibly one of most memorable periods for Mc Lain was the 1968-1969 baseball season. During the 68-69 season Mc Lain pitched a total of over 300 innings which is an astonishing record. Denny Mc Lain will certainly go down in history for being one of the great starting pitchers in Detroit Tiger history.

Jacob Turner Became a sixth time all star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Turner was drafted 9th in the 2009 major league basketball draft. In addition, Jacob Turner was named number one prospect by Baseball America.

*Frank Lory always be remembered for beating New York Yankees:

Frank Lory played for the Detroit Tigers from 1954-1964. Lory was famous for beating the New York Yankees during their most popular years. In addition, Lory had a well publicized lifetime record of 28-13 against the New York Yankees and Lory amazingly won over 20 games. Possibly Frank Lory’s biggest accomplishment was when he induced 190 double play grounders. Frank Lory is truly one of the best starting pitchers in baseball history.

*Fister: American League Championship Series:

Doug Fister was traded to the Detroit Tigers in 2011. Fisters record with the Tigers included an 1.79 ERA in 10 starts. Fister was able to finish the 2011 baseball season with an ERA of 2.83. The ERA of 2.83 placed Fister fourth among American League pitchers. Fister was correctly named the American League Pitcher of the Month for the month of September in 2011.

Fister was named American League Pitcher of the Month after going 5-0 with an ERA of 2.83 in just five starts. Due to Doug Fisters amazing skill and effort he successfully lead the team to the American League Championship Series. Fister was able to limit the New York Yankees to one run on five hits. Limiting the Yankees to one run enabled the Tigers to win this particular game.

The Detroit Tigers had many excellent pitchers throughout their history. however there are a select few that can actually be called “Some of the Best Pitchers of all time”. What makes an exceptional pitcher is the ability to lead a team to a stunning victory. In addition, real effort and devotion can make someone truly a great player.